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Tango en Mexico Tango in Mexico Luciano Brigante Alejandra Orozco

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 Luciano Brigante from Argentina & Alejandra Orozco originally from Mexico are based in Mexico City since 20 years ago. Although they are in constant tour and live part time in B.A, they have a special love for Mexico.   During that last two decades they have contributed to develop the tango scene in this country. 

Among their activities they have participated and organized all type of events and tango activities, such a regular classes, intensive workshops, shows, festivals, congress, TV participations, private trainning to local and international students,  hosted world class teachers workshops and so on. 

Their main porpouse was to spread the tradition of the Argentinean Tango in Mexico, built community and show how tango is made in Buenos Aires. 


Festival & Abierto Internacional de Tango

Mexico City.  Organized by Luciano Brigante & Alejandra Orozco